About WebGlossary.info

WebGlossary.info is a glossary for web development that extends to many related fields. It is based on the living book The Web Development Glossary by Jens Oliver Meiert (Frontend Dogma).

It currently includes 3,721 entries, some of which have several meanings. (The latest version of the book may include more. Both book and website are irregularly updated. Availability and mechanics of book updates depend on where you’re buying it.)

Scope and Sources

As per the official description, “the glossary covers the major standards and concepts of the Web, beginning with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, accessibility, security, performance, code quality and testing, internationalization, localization, frameworks and editors and tooling. It then includes other disciplines of interest and relevance to the modern developer, like computer science, design, typography, usability and user experience, information and project management and more. It goes beyond web development to feed curiosity, about the Web and the technologies and processes used to build it.”

As it has been neither necessary nor desirable to provide a new explanation for every term, about 60% of the definitions are based on Wikipedia, and about 5% on MDN Web Docs. In accordance with the respective licenses, sources are attributed. All explanations are licensed under CC BY–SA 4.0. (For further information, review the legal notice.)

Getting the Book and Supporting the Project

For a better experience trying and extending your web development and web platform knowledge, you can buy or access The Web Development Glossary as an ebook on the following websites:

To benefit from updates, choose a platform that offers to download the book’s EPUB and PDF files (like Gumroad or Leanpub) or that updates the book automatically (like Google Play Books).

You can also support the project by reporting issues or making suggestions on the Web Development Glossary forum on GitHub. (Thank you.)